PepsiCo, ADM Announce regenerative farming agreement

Pepsi and ADM, US nutrition company, commit to supporting regenerative farming practices across 6 US states – in their statement, Pepsi said their ultimate ambition is to spread regenerative practices across 7 million acres of farmland. The announcement is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 1.4 million tonnes by 2030. The regenerative farming movement continues to grow from strength to strength as more companies now commit to this practice

Beyond Meat announces cost cuts and layoffs on lower revenue outlook

The leading alternative protein provider has estimated FY 2022 decline in revenues of between 9-14% vs 2021 and is making a ~19% reduction in force, citing increasing inflation and consumer cost pressures as the primary driver. The Nasdaq listed shares are now below $15, vs a 52 week high of $109.95. The challenges of Beyond threaten to dampen the emergence of new and growing alternative protein technologies

IMF/World Bank meeting confirms climate support and new funding

G7 leaders at the IMF express ongoing commitment to tackle Climate Change, encourage more involvement and private / public partnership from MDBs and DFIs. They also launched a $20B IMF’s Resilience and Sustainability Trust (RST) to helps low-income and vulnerable middle-income countries build resilience to external shocks and ensure sustainable growth - in short a payment for climate change impact from wealthier countries!

UK DEFRA announces support for high-tech horticulture

A further £12.5B investment fund through UKRI to support high tech horticulture was announced this week, in addition to further engagement with producers on how to remove barriers for the industry - Automation (but not vertical farming) called out explicitly

British low-carbon generators face de facto windfall tax

The FT reports on how the UK government will take billions of pounds excess revenue from renewable generators benefiting from selling electricity at inflated gas cost prices. The exact level has not been decided. Electricity generators warned that this measure, if too punitive vs. the EU approach could deter investment in the UK’s renewable energy sector. A windfall tax after all, but on revenues not profits

Reuters - Orbital Power say tidal could generate 11% of UK’s power needs

Chris Meane, CFO of Orbital Marine, speaks to Reuters about the opportunity of converting offshore skills from the oil industry to the renewable transition. By re-using existing marine technology Orbital Marine claim that for the first time tidal power is “investable” and estimate that tidal energy could produce 11% of the UK’s power needs and be dependable even when the sun is not shinning and the wind not blowing. Our previous analysis shows that whilst possible, this is very ambitious due to scale challenges

London Stock Exchange launches Voluntary Carbon Market

LSE launches a new voluntary carbon trading market, aimed at funds and operating companies admitted to the LSE Main Market or Aim. This will help help raise capital for and bring more much needed transparency to carbon offset projects

The future of farming: how global crises are reshaping agriculture

The ongoing costs of fertiliser and diesel fuel are further incentives for farmers to deploy alternative and regenerative farming techniques – Yields are as high or even higher with considerable reduction in input costs

London Stock Exchange sets listing rules for carbon cutters

LSE is on of the first exchanges to set rules for funds and operating companies raising funds for reducing emissions and offering offsets - this is seen as encouraging more transparency into the voluntary carbon market, worth an estimated $2B per year, potentially growing to $50B

City and Financial Natural Capital Summit “Practice Guide to Disclosure and Reporting”

180 delegates listed to a range of speakers from the finance and natural capital industries including Schroders, HSBC, BoA, KMPG, DownForce, CDP, Planet Tracker, Reliance Space Intelligence and the TNFD speak about the practical implications of implementing nature reporting into business, economic and corporate planning.  “When it comes to data and metrics, qualitative is as important as quantitative as the location and context is critically important”, “ how we interpret data is as important as getting access to data” said one speaker from the data industry”

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